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Access Control System Dubai

Increase safety and convenience at your organization with open, innovative secure access control systems.

Cost efficient access control solutions that are works for single system and multi door system in a single software has all connected in TCP/IP Network. Access control is a electronics locking solutions integrated with different electronics gadgets and accessories such as Standalone or multi-door Access controllers, Bio metric, HID/Mifare/RFID readers, Electric strike lock or Electro-magnetic lock, door contact or reed sensor, Push button or rex switch, Break glass or Panic buttons, backup power suppliers and battery bank.

Access Control system is crucial for workplaces and businesses to ensure there is no employee time theft and there is proper shift management. Manually recording time checks and attendance logs is not only time-consuming but it can stress out the staff responsible. Not just that, but it is bound to have errors in data as well. An automated system assures efficiency and productivity.

The Future of Home Security is Here AT SMARTLIVING TECHNOLOGY

A smart door lock is a digital security system and a smart device that allows the house owner to lock or unlock the doors remotely using a phone, tablet, or other connected devices. It usually contains automatic locking, keyless entry, remote access, and app-based control.

Smart door locks allow users to unlock their doors with a secure code, mobile device, or voice command, adding extra safety and convenience. They also have advanced features such as automatic locking, tamper alerts, and biometric authentication. Smart door locks are an excellent way to protect your property while providing security and convenience.

WITH SMARTLIVING TECHNOLOGY Dubai Smart Locks Dubai easily Secure Your Home

Traditional door locks’ sole purpose is to prohibit unlawful entry into the residence through a mechanical mechanism. These locks do not match the demands of today’s busy individuals or high-risk cultures. In addition to total home security.

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