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Smart Vertical Blinds Dubai

Smart Premium quality vertical blinds with most luxurious and classic Materia.

Smart Vertical blinds selection offers contemporary and traditional style to your large windows and doors of offices and homes. Vertical blinds Dubai are made by installing the slats vertically to change the amount of light that enters the room. These blinds are the ideal selection for both offices and homes as they can be drawn to any one side of the window whether left or right and for a more balanced look they can be split equally to each side from the centre of the window. Vertical blinds Dubai can be made from stiff cloth, plastic, faux wood material, PVC, metals, and wood. At smart living vertical blinds Dubai are made from high textured fabrics and faux wood.

Sun Screen Verticle Blinds Dubai

Vertical blinds are perfect for bifold doors and tight clearance situations. They sweep back effortlessly and compact neatly providing minimum obstruction and maximum view.

Our Sunscreen Vertical blinds are high perfomance blinds suitable for domestic and commercial applications, providing privacy and sun protection. The fabric is flame retardant and cuts 95% of UV and infrared light, preventing furniture from fading and keeping the room cool. The fabric has an open weave that allows a view out whilst still providing privacy.

Our vertical blinds have contemporary, sleek styling. They are made with a metal track enclosed in a durable aluminium headrail in a choice of colours – matt white, gloss white or anthracite – to suit your interior.

Pallete Blackout Verticle Blinds

Our Palette Blackout range of vertical blinds create total privacy and block the sunlight and are ideal for bedrooms or cinema rooms. The fabric is a flame retardant, lightly textured, blackout material that creates a warm and cosy feel to the room. The colour of the fabric is seen from both the front and back of the louvres/vanes.

Our vertical blinds have contemporary, sleek styling. They are made with a metal track enclosed in a durable aluminium headrail in a choice of colours – matt white, gloss white or anthracite – to suit your interior. They are made with a beaded chain to link the vanes and to control their angle, with a choice of colours/finishes for the chain. They are made with a matching cord control to open and close the vanes.

Thermal Vertical Blinds Dubai

Our Thermal Vertical blinds are made with a high performance thermal fabric which has metallic fibres woven into it. The metallic fibres reflect heat back into the room, reducing your heating bills and your carbon footprint. The fabric manufacturer estimates that a saving of around 15% can be made on heating costs. The front of the fabric has a soft quilted finish giving an added sense of warmth. It allows a little light through.

Our vertical blinds have contemporary, sleek styling. They are made with a metal track enclosed in a durable aluminium headrail in a choice of colours – matt white, gloss white or anthracite – to suit your interior. They are made with a beaded chain to link the vanes and to control their angle, with a choice of colours/finishes for the chain. They are made with a matching cord control to open and close the vanes.

Get Customized Vertical Blinds in Dubai & UAE

Make your room aesthetically pleasing with our gorgeous range of vertical blinds in Dubai. At Smart living Curtains Dubai, we understand that every space is unique and requires a customised approach. With keeping that in mind, we offer various vertical blind options that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for vertical blinds or curtains for your home we are the most reliable partner.

Vertical blinds offer superb control over how much light filters into a room. When closed, they provide privacy as well as protection from direct sunlight. Tilt them to an angle to combine light and privacy, or pull them back completely for a clear view of the outside world.

Find the ideal balance between light, privacy, and style with our huge range of Vertical Blinds.

A little twist of the pulley and you can balance out the light filtering into the room as well as the privacy levels with complete ease.

Vertical Blinds for Offices and Commercial Spaces

We offer a wide range of vertical blinds that provide privacy, filter light, and improve the appearance of your commercial space. The best thing about these smart living blinds Dubai is that they are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect choice for busy offices.


Smart living Curtains offers very attractive window treatments for all requirements.

Get elegant vertical blinds in Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of the UAE any time you need them. Our high-quality materials and made-to-measure sizes provide the best-fitting blinds for every window. Dress your home or workspace windows up in style and avail all features like daylight control, privacy, temperature insulation, and elegant interior designs. We specialize in vertical blinds for sale in Dubai and UAE with free window measuring and optional blind fitting. It is now easier than ever to add that new elegant dynamic to your interior design. Get beautiful vertical blinds in any colors, designs, and finishes for your preference. Our specialists are available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Call us today to find out more about your window blinds requirements.


Smart living Curtains Dubai now offers vertical blinds for home and office window requirements. These are some of the most efficient window treatments with their easy working and also many other features. Vertical blinds for bedroom, living room, and office windows provide great control over daylight and privacy. These provide a great sense of the day while expanding on the required set of features as well. Also, vertical blinds are some of the most durable and longest-lasting window treatment options available in the market. Our finest materials and machine-cut sizes ensure you get the best-suited window blinds for your home, flat, apartment, office, or any workspace windows. Call us today to find out more.

Vertical Blinds For Bedroom

Vertical blinds are a standard face of window blinds; they are well-reputed and mature window blinds across the entire globe. They can be ideal option for the bedroom. As they offer, many such benefits that are quite must haves in the bedroom.

Vertical Blinds For Kitchen

Surely, vertical blinds can be solid and bold for the coverings of the windows of the kitchen. As vertical blinds are boldly versatile, they have solutions to support you in any sort of kitchens’ conditions.

Vertical Blinds For Living Room

Vertical blinds along with roller blinds are standalone ideal for any sort of living room in UAE or anywhere else, vertical blinds are just too hot for the living room as they are rightly appealing for the living rooms’ interior.

Vertical Blinds For Offices

Vertical blinds are the most common window blinds options for the offices; they are that ideal for the office use, that they are called office blinds. That is completely true as vertical blinds are awesome for almost places alike.


Our Commitment to High-Quality Materials

Smart living Curtains commits to top-quality materials for our leading vertical blinds in UAE. We use special flexible composite materials that stand the test of time and elements perfectly. These are specially woven materials that are also waterproof in most applications. Also, all the moving parts including your vertical blind’s pulling cords are high-quality as well. You will be able to get their full functionality for many years. There is very little to no maintenance required for our vertical blinds in Dubai and UAE. These are also easy-to-clean window treatments that will look good for a long time. Our client’s trust and feedback are testimony to the quality of our materials. Your window blinds are designed to feel authentic and look premium at all times.


How to get made-to-measure Vertical Blinds in Dubai?

Free Window Measuring

Call us anytime or book your free window measuring appointment here from the website. We provide custom perfect-fit blinds based on your window size requirements.

Designing, Delivery

Fitting Made-to-measure window blinds are available with free delivery in Dubai and Sharjah. Or, you can have them fitted on your windows with optional blind fitting appointment.

Awesome Support

Smart living Curtains offers around-the-clock support for all our products. Get vertical blinds and we will help last them long with affordable replacements any time you need them.


Affordable Vertical Blinds with Free Window Measurement

Smart living Curtains Dubai provides high-quality affordable vertical blinds in Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of UAE for every requirement. Dress your home or office windows up with beautiful vertical blinds that create an elegant aesthetic. Our free window measuring appointment ensures you always get some of the best-fitting products for your requirement. Our cheap vertical blinds in UAE are available with perfect fit sizes and durable materials for your interior settings. Select from a wide range of custom colors, designs, and material finishes. Our window treatments are designed to make your interiors look bright. Bring some life back into your rooms with attractive vertical blinds available at affordable prices.

Amazing Features with Custom Fit Vertical Blinds in Dubai and UAE

  • Get great daylight control with custom vertical blinds in Dubai and the rest of the UAE
  • Boost your interior design with customized vertical blinds for home and office windows
  • Privacy vertical blinds provide easy peak outside functionality as well for all interiors
  • Add a layer of temperature insulation on your windows to control the interior temperature
  • Easy slide-on and off windows with smooth pulling cords and all moving parts available
  • Make your vertical blinds in the required colours and designs to suit the interior best

Schedule Vertical Blinds Fitting for High Attention to Detail Finish

Self-fittings often get some errors. Untrained hands may make some fitting mistakes that will make the whole window look not so elegant.

Smart living Curtains now provides additional vertical blind fitting appointments in Dubai and Sharjah to make your interiors shine with elegance. Our trained professionals fit everything perfectly without making any mistakes at all. There will be no raised sides or wrongly drilled holes at all. Our window blinds fitting takes care of previous mistakes on your window frames as well if available. So, don’t wait any longer. Buy your vertical blinds in Dubai and Sharjah from us and book your fitting appointment. You will not regret the experience at all.

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