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Office Carpets Dubai

We transform your office into an inspiring working environment through smart Living furnture products that provide various styles, patterns, and a wide range of colors in office carpets.

Our office carpets are designed so as to provide flexibility to modern offices, taking into account frequent layout changes in the open office environments. Our modular office carpets minimize the restructuring costs by being rapidly adapted to the arising new requirements. High-performance office carpets are appropriate for medium and high-traffic places and are resistant to wear.

Our office carpet for office flooring, office carpet tiles, and rugs match durability with elegance and come in a wide variety of different styles, shades, and piles of weights. In many cases, they can be custom-made for your office through our bespoke service, and we scour the world for different materials. All our office carpets are rigorously tested and ensure that durability and safety complement elegance and style.

Most commercial carpet is made of Nylon, Olefin or Polypropylene. Olefin/Polypropylene carpet is usually the carpet of choice if you are on strict budget. It stands up well to “moderate” amounts of traffic.

Smart living furniture Trading LLC provides Low-pile nylon is durable and holds its shape well in most office areas. Wool may also provide a high level of durability for your commercial space, but it may be a pricer option. Olefin fibers work decently well in high-traffic areas, but this type of carpet may perform better in an area with light foot traffic.

Office Carpets from smart living furniture Dubai is the exceptional location to choose out carpets in your office. We are main provider of carpets tiles for place of work in dubai. Place of work carpets has the numerous format and nice for place of business in dubai and abu dhabi. Wall to wall carpets/ roll carpets, carpets tiles, sisal carpet and wood parquet ground are to be had at place of business carpets.

Select out from heaps of alternatives in unique sun shades and patterns. Our carpets are made to stand up to high-visitors areas, are smooth to easy, and because we deal right now with manufacturers, we are able to do away with the cost of intermediary markups. Because of this, we’re capable of save you up to 50% off retail.

Samrt Living Furniture offer carpets & floors for offices, operating vicinity, carpet tiles Dubai, convention hall, prepared room, assembly room, reception, board member cabin, gallery, canteen, parking vicinity, production unit, retails outlet and greater.

Office carpet Tiles

Carpets floor tiles commonly used in residential and commercial settings. It is one of the cheapest ways to maximize floor beauty. Carpet tiles from smartliving Furniture  Dubai are made with different natural and synthetic material which gives durability, high foot traffic resistibility and enhances the functionality of the floor. It also gives an edge to creatively design the floor with countless patterns, colors, and styles. One of the biggest advantages of carpet floor tiles is its easy installation. Moreover, we can easily maintain and clean it with no hard and fast rule of cleaning, only regular vacuuming is required. The most important thing that makes SmartLiving carpet tiles Dubai popular is its affordability. Most of the offices prefer carpets tiles due to its acoustic absorbent quality, which do not create a disturbance while walking.

Carpet tiles are the preferred choices for offices. They provide an excellent design feature to satisfy the most design and decor need.

Please have a look through our selection. Visit our blog page for more information on different kinds of carpet and their uses.

SmartLiving Furniture is based in Dubai , United Arab Emirates. We cater to the UAE market by bringing you the best solutions in floor coverings. Of course with over 20 brands and a wide range of colors and options, all ready stocked, we are the biggest flooring store in the UAE.

Deliveries are available all over the UAE and the seven emirates. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

Amazing Collection

We Smart Living Furniture LLc offer a wide variety of customizable office carpet tiles in Dubai. Our products are very adaptable and can be used without compromising the space.

Expert Suggestions

Office shop has an expert professional team to help you in picking up the best suitable collection of carpet tiles for your office space.

Professional Installation

Depending on the site of tile installation, our trained professionals using pressure-sensitive adhesive or adhesive tape install Carpet tiles

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

Easy to Install
The most attractive benefit of carpet tile is simply how convenient they are. As they are modular and able to purchase in small units, they are easy to store, transport and handle.

Easy to handle in small spaces and quick to install over large areas, carpet tiles are genuinely a versatile product.

Carpet tiles are cost-effective as they are low on waste, require little storage space and are easy to transport.

Renowned for their lifespan and ability to withstand heavy traffic in busy spaces, carpet tiles are a high performing flooring option.

Low Maintenance
Easy to clean and easy to replace, looking after your carpet tiles is easy.

Reusable and Sustainable
In the first instance of fitting carpet tiles, there is comparably very little waste since you order the tiles to fit the space – unlike broadloom, where this is not an option due to the wall-to-wall installation.

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