Smart Home Lighting Control System

Smart Home Lighting Control Dubai

Due to the constantly evolving needs of visual comfort and energy saving, lighting control has become an integral part of smart automation solutions. Smart solutions are easy to use, robust and create a centralized lighting s system that enhances your savings with negligible effort on your part. Intelligent lighting control systems add convenience, energy efficiency and comfort to the home, as well as host of aesthetic benefits too. With the help of our dimmers and light sensors we provide technology that creates versatile rooms that can be transformed in an instant with the touch of a button and enhance a space dynamically. Even if you are away on vacation, make it seem like you are at home with our “scene mode” and keep your home safe.

Control lights from anywhere in the house. Dim when required. Able to turn off lights when we forget and in bed by the app. Have sensors connected to allow the kids to walk through the house to us in the middle of the night and they are only on 10%.

Upgrade your conventional light switches with Control4 Keypads to provide your home with stunning, configurable interfaces that add the magic of automation to your home. No more guessing what each button does; custom engraving and LED backlit indicators provide instant, at-a-glance feedback to tell you what lights are on, if your front door is locked, or if the garage door was left open.

While living in a happening place like Dubai, one always looks forward to some peace and convenience at home. By offering customized lighting control, Smart Living LLc give you the liberty to change your house’s ambience just according to your mood.

Our home automation lighting control systems allow you to change your room settings on touch of a button. You can make use of pre-programmed lighting scenes to create relaxed ambience during evenings. While partying, a single click of the remote will change the living-room’s illumination to sharp-bright hues.

Your lighting can be programmed to vary as per the elements within a movie for a mesmerizing experience. Nevertheless, if you are in the mood to unwind, the same click will give a smooth and relaxing vibe by altering the light’s shade in your room.

Clicking the option of ‘good-night’ will automatically turn the lights off and put you to sleep. Lighting can also be programmed in rooms when you are away using presence simulation to give the impression that someone is home.

Smart Lighting Styles to Personalize Your Home

Smart lighting can be both functional and decorative. Standard smart lights can save you from entering a dark house or having to get out of bed to shut off a lamp left on in another room. For practical, everyday tasks, smart living Technology  recommends several smart LED bulbs, in-wall smart switches, outdoor smart lights, and even smart plugs exclusively available at affordable rates in our store. But if you want to explore the more creative side of smart lighting, here are four types that can add a little flavour or funk to the spaces around your home.

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