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Artificial Turf, also known as fake grass or Artificial grass, has gained popularity as a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for creating a beautiful green lawn. With its realistic appearance and long-lasting durability, artificial grass is an ideal choice for residential and commercial landscaping, sports fields, and playgrounds. Astroturf, a type of Artificial Turf used for sports fields, provides a safe and consistent playing surface for athletes. With affordable artificial grass prices, homeowners and business owners can enjoy the many benefits of artificial turf without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance lawn or a high-performance sports field, artificial grass and turf are the perfect solutions.

Grass carpets are a practical alternative for creating, without requiring maintenance, a green space concept with the appearance of grass. Grass carpet is an ideal solution for gardens, balconies, terraces, playgrounds, sports fields, outdoor areas, outdoor organizations, and football fields.

Grass carpets are also called artificial grass carpets, synthetic grass carpets, or imitation grass carpets. Grass carpets, which have a natural appearance, can be used for many years because they have a special structure suitable to any kind of weather condition. Our grass carpets, which we produce using environmentally friendly raw materials so that they do not harm children’s health, are resistant to uv rays. At the same time, the artificial grass carpet is easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and can be installed anywhere. Besides, our artificial grass carpets, which we design for landscaping, office areas, house areas, hotel areas, artistic areas, and other special uses, allow for saving money and time and they are a safe investment in the long term.


Nylon is the strongest material that you can easily get on the market. Nylon grass can absorb both significant weight and high temperatures without getting tangled down or losing its unique shape. At Smart Living Furniure Trading LLC, we sell top-notch quality fabric grass to the customers, which has the same qualities. However, because of its significant expense and firm quality, it cannot be utilised all the time for terraces or decoration.


A lot of people prefer artificial turfs for decor purposes at home. The majority of people choose polyethene items. If you are worried about the look of the polyethene fabric, we’re here to help you.

This grass looks astonishing with radiant green tones, and it feels gentler and more natural than nylon does. It is frequently used for finishing as well as athletic fields like soccer, football, and baseball.

When combined with an optional nylon cover, this kind of artificial grass will hold up to a ton of purposes without starting to look battered or broken down. Since polyethene grass is non-permeable, it won’t hold smells as counterfeit nylon grass will.

This makes it ideal for people with pets who won’t have to stress over the smell of their yards when the pets head outside. Also, all of the waste will handily wash down between the edges of fake grass and cut off the opportunity for allergies or bacteria from microscopic organisms.


Polypropylene is the most affordable piece of artificial turf you can get for your home. While it might appear to be an incredible choice for saving your money, you will miss the chance of giving your home, office, or playground a decent and natural look using grass. The fine surface breaks the edge of the grass, making it look clumsy and chaotic. However, you can use this type of grass with less commotion and movement to prevent damage to the edges.

Astro turf or grass carpet as it is widely know. Is the perfect option for your outdoor areas. It looks like real grass without the needs of maintenance of real grass.

Waterproof it is washable and retains its shiny appearance over the years with just a wash down repeatedly.

Astro turf grass is a great option for use on your terraces or lawns. It gives the appearance of a grass lawn without the hassles of weeding or fertilizing. Available in a variety of thicknesses they can give you the look you crave. Please do use our sample service to get some of these wonderful pieces over to see, feel and select your preference.

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