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Windows with Multifunctional Suitability and Shapes

Blinds solution for Windows with Multifunctional Suitability and Shapes

Callistus Window Blinds provides solution for Ideal indoor light protection, control, and visual privacy – for sloped and inclined glass surfaces, patio roofs and asymmetrical conservatory glazing where the traditional window dressing cannot be prolific which is why blinds are a great solution for this window type.

Callistus Colby blinds is a perfect choice for such windows and keep you warm in summer and cool in the winter. And our special fabrics are also ideally suited all kind of rooms and interior decor.

Skylight Blinds

Skylight window treatments give those hard-to-reach windows the benefits of light blockage and extra insulation. Choose from cellular shades as “Callistus Colby Blinds” or Roman Shades to match the style of your room. Both with a wide range of fabrics operated by remote-control systems

Enjoy the view of the sky from your room – The perfect light control solution for skylights and conservatories is our range of Callistus Skylight blinds.

Top-Down Bottom Up – Colby Blinds

The Ultimate and Versatile, Callistus Top-Down/Bottom-Up window blinds offer you the ability to operate window treatments from the top down, bottom up, or in combination to meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light. It provides flexibility unlike other traditional blinds that only open one way from bottom upside, Callistus Colby Top-Down/Bottom-Up Operation gives you the liberty to customize the exact position of your blinds to fit your ideal level of privacy, light control, and comfort.

Home Automation

SMART LIVING TECHNOLOGY has solutions to use Home Automation as well as S-BUS , KNX,R432 ,RTS system together for one Blind. With the use of custom design accessories one can control the same blind with remote as well as Home Automation system.

Heightened Window

For the blinds in heighten windows it requires time-consuming efforts to wind up the blinds. In such cases Callistus provides RTS system or Home Automation in Blinds that helps to operate them via Remote which is capable of operating minimum 1 to 16 blinds together and individually or through Smartphone devices. We have the option of maximum running meters of fabric available for large heighten Windows.

Motorized Curtain Tracks

Smart Living provides solution for curtain tracks that can be moulded in curved shaped to be used when the structure is not straight or aligned Solution for wide Window.


Smart Living offers solutions to wide width windows where people find limitation on fabric choices or blinds types. Our fabrics are compatible for maximum reasonable width.

Tilting in Window Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds feature vanes with 180 degrees tilting capacity for which special motors are being used. This motor not only helps the blinds to lift up but also helps in the tilting of the vanes 180 degrees at any position.

Curtain Look Blinds

Sierra blinds are beautiful creation that implants the beauty of curtains with the benefits of blinds. In such blinds we used upgraded motors that not only stacks the blinds vertically in left or right or centre splits but also tilts the vanes into 180 degrees vertically. This is the special solution that are rarely available.

Solution for Big Window

Smart Panel blinds are the specific solution for big windows or French doors. They can sometimes be also used as partition in rooms. Panel blinds can be stacked on either side and are available in 3-4-6 channel options both manual and motorized.

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